How to apply


  1. Jewelry that creates a fusion of Japanese culture and culture of Ancient Greece
  2. Jewelry that creates a fusion of Japanese culture and those of the European Royal Courts of the Middle Ages
  3. Jewelry that creates a fusion of Japanese and New York cultures
  4. Jewelry that uses techniques that take advantage of material characteristics in an innovative way

Entry submission period

June 1st, 2011 - August 31st, 2011(Designs postmarked on August 31st will be accepted)


  1. Diamond jewelry design
  2. Bridal jewelry design (including engagement rings, marriage rings, or both)
  3. Bridal tiara design


  • Anyone with an interest in jewelry is eligible, regardless of your nationality or residence.
  • Designs submitted for the award must be original and previously unpublished designs.


  • CIMA Grand Prize (1winner)
  • Diamond Prize (1winner)
  • Special Prize (Several)
  • Bridal Jewelry Honorable Mention (Several)

Special Judges

  • Ryohei Miyata, President, Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Senju Hiroshi, President, Kyoto University of Art and Design
  • Mizuno Rinri, President, Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College
  • Sejima Kazuyo, Architect
  • and more judges.


  • Ichiro Iino, Professor of Craft, Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Kimiaki Kageyama, Educational Adviser, Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College
  • Haruhito Nozawa, Chief Director, Japan Jewelry Craft School
  • Koei Shiraishi, President, CIMA Co.,Ltd.


  • World Jewelry Design Award Office at CIMA Co., Ltd.
  • Address: 1-7-10 Ginza Fuji building 5F, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Postal Code: 1040061
  • Telephone: +81 3 5843 3031
  • FAX: +81 3 3567 8094
  • *We are fully committed to protecting your privacy.
  • *Please be aware that we will not return all designs submitted to WJD Award.